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Project Compass Design Contest Guidance

Project Compass CIC has published its Design Contest Guidance for the appointment of Architects and Design teams.

Click here to download or order a hard copy of the document.

Cover of Project Compass CIC Design Contest Guidance

WELCOME to ProjectCompass CIC a new free easy access e-procurement service for architects and clients, providing current UK construction-related OJEU tender notices, data, research, resources and guidance.

Fulcrum presents a rolodex of current OJEU notices arranged from green to red ordered by the time available to submit responses, with filters for notice types, procedure, award criteria, project location and date. This connects to the issued notice and delivers to your desktop free automatic alerts based on your criteria with or without a calendar feed.

Sesame provides transparent analysis, tables and visualisations of notice data since 2008, from our comprehensive database. Many variables can be tracked and interrogated including client type, winning organisations, location, size, value, date and project type. This offers industry up to date market research covering processes, procurement histories and outputs.

Compass delivers clear recommended best practice procurement guidance along with resources. This supports better and more competitive access with simpler more intelligent commissioning processes.

Our activities address the need to change UK construction procurement practices because they are evidently inefficient relative to our continental competitors operating under the same EU Directives.

UK Procurement has frequently been gold-plated, disproportionate, inappropriate, unduly complex and incapable of addressing risk proportionately.  High UK procedural costs have been driving further contract aggregation and denying market competition, particularly for micro and SMEs businesses. 

Denying competition impacts on cost, quality, innovation, growth and long term economic benefit by constraining business progression. It increases expense for all, whilst reducing choice, competition, potential and value. 

In ‘Compass’ we aim to highlight the many advantages and flexibilities some alternative approaches to procurement can offer to increase understanding of the potential. Their appropriate use can lead to considerable benefits in cost, value, quality and time.

By providing direct links to sector specific public contract notices ‘Fulcrum’ improves transparency and accessibility, reducing time and cost for competitors. To make informed judgement links permit competitors opportunity to review a contracting authority’s procurement history and background. 

When you read notice details we encourage you to respond in our ‘comments box’ to those which fall short, are erroneous, discriminatory, and disproportionate or unduly reduce competition. These comments can be used to petition for amendments and redress before the notice deadlines, whilst providing market feedback for future client guidance.

ProjectCompass CIC is a not for profit organisation. Users are invited to make a donation to support its member’s commitment and ensure the facility maybe sustained and expanded over time.


Latest News

Haptic shortlisted for a 11,000sq m timber mixed-use development in Norway
10 05 2016

PCompass supporters Haptic have been shortlisted for a 11,000sq m timber mixed-use development in Norway. The scheme, which must achieve Passivhaus levels of energy performance, will include residential and commercial uses as well as a large car park. Tomas Stokke, a director of Haptic Architects which is working with Danish landscape practice SLA, said “We are looking forward to the challenge of developing a project in such a beautiful and picturesque city”   PCompass wish them every success.

New departures in Public Procurement 19th May
09 05 2016

On Thursday 19th May at 60 Great Queen St., London WC2B 5AZ from 18:00 to 20:30

The Project mangement Institute UK (PMI-UK) construction forum will be presenting Finn Garvey author of An Architect's Guide to Public Procurement, 2015 RIBA discussing New departures in Public Procurement with PCompass Director Walter Menteth to be held at a networking event

Full details and Registeration via www.pmi.org.uk  

University to drop 1m turnover requirement after Project Compass intervention
18 04 2016

Project Compass Director Russell Curtis has successfully intervened in the University of Surrey competition for a £3.8m student union building extension. This tender has now been re-issued. The original tender required a minimum £1m p.a practice turnover, far in excess of 2x the fee earning. This is contrary to the 2015 Public Contracts Regulations.

Following Russell's complaint to the Cabinet Office Mystery Shopper Service, the University agreed to re-issue the tender.  This now aligns with the 2015 Regulations, without specifying a turnover requirement; now opening the competition to young, emergent and SME practictioners. The most relevant issues architectural practices should be alert to in the 2015 Public Contracts Regulations, are explained HERE.

We support and encourage all practices to complain were conditions are inappropriate, and particularly encourage complaints highlighting the inappropriately high levels of PI that continue to be sought.  Support Project Compass CIC

European Single Procurement Document - released
16 04 2016

The European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) facility has now been released. This is a self-declaration form used in public procurement procedures by contracting authorities and businesses in the EU.

Before the introduction of the ESPD, companies were required to submit various documents to prove that they fulfil the exclusion and selection criteria of a tender, for example have paid taxes and have not been convicted of criminal activity.

With the ESPD however, companies will be able to meet these obligations with a single ESPD self-declaration form. The actual documents will only have to be provided by the winner of the tender.

The European Commission has developed an ESPD online service that can be used free of charge by contracting authorities and businesses. Second, the Commission provides an ESPD data exchange model that national solutions can implement to be compatible with the ESPD. The ESPD data model is available for public authorities, providers of e-procurement solutions and any other party interested in integrating it into their existing self-declaration solutions or developing their own services.

The full potential of an ESPD will be reached when companies using it will provide links to repositories of documents that they possess to show compliance with the exclusion and selection criteria. In this way, the ESPD will act as a “business passport” for companies bidding for tenders anywhere in the EU and could shortly with memebrs support be done by directly linking the RIBA Chartered Practices Register to the service.

It is intended this will contribute to EU countries’ transition to full e-procurement.

Reinventor Paris Competition announcement
06 03 2016

The reinventer.paris competition have announced 75 selected projects will compete in Phase 3 of Reinventing Paris. This significant Paris initiative has targeted a series of municipal development sites for architectural innovation aimed at precipitating transformation in the landscape and contemporary identity of Paris through open competition.  This programme of modernisation has been highly contested, and offers a promise that a cohort of exemplary buildings will be delivered shortly. This public commitment to regeneration has been driven by the Mayor of Paris.