Project Compass Report on Garden Bridge Procurement

Cover of Project Compass CIC Garden Bridge Procurement Review

16 February 2016

Project Compass has produced a report analysing the public procurement exercise that was undertaken by Transport for London for the design and engineering for the Garden Bridge. This report is free to download by clicking on the image to the right.

This report explores issues around TfL's procurement of the Bridge Design Services (TfL 90711 Design Services) and Temple Bridge Lead consultant ('TfL 90001 Task 112 Temple Bridge') contracts awarded in 2013.

Download the Data

Screengrab of Garden Bridge data analysis

In the interests of full transparency we have made available an Excel spreadsheet containing all of the workings used in the interrogation of the data received from TfL and the preparation of our report.

Those who are interested can download this by clicking here.

We would be grateful for any comments, feedback or further analysis on the report or the data on which it is based.